The Charlemagne Maze Game (Easy Version)

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Help Charlemagne get through the maze by leading the way, but be sure to avoid the weeds. Start by left CLICKING the mouse on Charlemagne (DO NOT HOLD THE MOUSE BUTTON DOWN). Then move the cursor through the maze starting at Start and ending at Finish. Do not let the cursor finger tip touch the dark blue border or the dark green weeds or you lose. If you lose Charlemagne will jump to the Start position and you must click on him again to lead him through the maze. If you win, Charlemagne will follow the cursor anywhere until you lose again. Note: not all mazes can be solved and sometimes you might have to move very carefully diagonally between two water squares actoss the point where two weed squares meet. Click the "New Maze" button to get a new maze. Don't scroll the window or Charlemagne will not follow properly. Javascript must be turned on and your speakers must be turned on for you to hear sounds but the sounds may not work in all browsers.

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